An All inclusive Bahamas Vacation is Just a Short Flight Away

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Are you stressed out and in need of some serious pampering?  The Grand Bahamas Island is the ideal place to spend a three day weekend, honeymoon or even a long vacation and get the r&r you need in order to recharge your batteries. Leave behind the stress and all of your daily responsibilities behind with and go with an all inclusive Bahamas vacation.  Instead of worrying about cooking dinner or running errands let a staff of professionals cater to all of your needs.

If you have never been on an all-inclusive vacation, a stay at a resort in the Grand Bahamas is exactly the place to try one. Big hotel chains such as the Radisson and the Wyndham have resort properties in the Grand Bahamas that offer all inclusive vacation packages.  The Wyndham has its own cove and sits in a very quiet and private area. Locates just a few miles west the Radisson has the Grand Lucayan which is a 1,218 guest resort on a sprawling compound with miles of magnificent white sand beaches

All-inclusive packages are offered by both of these resorts.  These packages include luxury accommodation and all food and drinks. Many activities are also offered in these packages.  Some water sport equipment such as snorkeling mask and fins, use of the fitness center and tennis courts and basket ball facilities are all included. All-inclusive vacation packages can benefit travelers that are looking to stay within a specific budget. These resorts offer many different types of packages from weekend stays to group packages and romantic holiday packages. If you are a group organizer who is setting up trip for a family reunion you could be eligible for a discount on your own booking.

Entertainment is very important while staying at an all inclusive resort, especially if you have kids with you on the trip.  Resorts like the Wyndham and Radisson offer their guests plenty of activities to entertain every member of the family. There are many activities setup for children at these resorts.  There are Kids Clubs that are supervised by well trained professionals. The activities range from different games to swimming and other sports.  The beach and pool offer the older children plenty to do or they may be interested in the game rooms too. Adults can get some quiet time and relaxation by the pool. There are also many water sports available such as jetskiing and scuba diving available.  If you want to stay on land a game of beach volleyball is always available. All these activities are in the all-inclusive package so you don’t have to worry about arranging or scheduling anything on your own, leave that up to the resort.

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“No Problem, Mon” Enjoy a Laid Back Vacation in Jamaica

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With its natural beauty and tropical weather there is a reason why over a million tourists visit the island of Jamaica every single year.  Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean.  There is so much to do on the island but the main draw for tourists is the magnificent beaches. Besides lounging on the beach all day there are many other things to do.  Jamaica is full of adventures of adventurous such as cliff diving, hiking, whitewater rafting, rock-climbing etc.  What better way to see the magnificent landscape of the country then an adventurous trip.  There is a reason why Jamaica has earned several World Travel Awards such as “Caribbean’s Leading Destination”.  Here are some more reasons why you will be thankful that you chose a Jamaican vacation:


The friendly Jamaican people will welcome you to their island with open arms.  They are known for being warm and hospitable and that will make the extra difference on your vacation.  The Jamaican people are very proud people who like to show outsiders all of their countries natural wonders.  If you want to know where the best restaurant is or find something off the beaten path just ask a local and they will be more than happy to help.  After one of their mottos is “no problem, mon”, and they mean it.

Delicious Food

Jamaica is a mixture of different cultures and races, from Asian to European and African.  All of these different regions have left their mark on the island’s cuisine.  The seafood is usually caught the same day as it’s cooked.  From spicy curry dishes, to jerk seasoning you should try it all.  Not only will you find quality food at the all inclusive resorts but also at the street vendor serving up jerk chicken.

Magnificent Beaches

By far the number one reason tourists flock to Jamaica are because of the extraordinary beaches.  There are too many to choose from but some of the most popular are The Seven Miles Beach in Negril, and the beaches of Montego Bay.  There are many things to do once you get to the beach.  Some people choose to suntan and relax with a tropical drink in their hands.  Others will want to try some of the many water sports such as jet skiing or snorkeling.

Where to stay

Jamaica has a range of accommodation options for all travelers. You can stay at a budget hotel or for more luxurious accommodations you can stay at an all inclusive resort or even rent a seaside villa.  No matter where you stay remember to explore the islands atmosphere and enjoy the laid back reggae vibe.

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Book an All Inclusive Cancun Vacation this Spring Break

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Spring break time is here and what better place to take a vacation too than Cancun.  Cancun is located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and is part of the Yucatan peninsula.  The ocean is a gorgeous turquoise color and the sand on the beach is fine and lightly colored.  Cancun has a tropical climate with consistently hot and humid weather year round.

Being that it is a world class vacation destination there is so much to do in Cancun!  At the forefront of it all are the crystal clear beaches.  You can easily spend a day tanning, swimming, snorkeling or just lounging around with a drink in your hand. Besides snorkeling there are also scuba diving sites available where you can view the aquatic life including several species of colorful fish.  If your seeking something more adventurous there are plenty of action packed water sports to try.  Jetskiing, wakeboarding and parasailing are just a few activities for the active vacationer.  You can even shop at the beach.  Many of the local people of Cancun make a living by selling jewelry, hats, seashells etc. to tourists on the beach. Remember to bring your bargaining skills with you in order to get the best price.

If you want to get off the beaten path there are many sites to see.  Here is a list of a few of them:

Xcaret – is an Eco-archaeological Park that is located about 50miles south of Cancun. This is a really cool place where ancient Mayan ruins sit within a sort of theme park.  You can snorkel in underground rivers, or even swim with dolphins.

Chichen Itza – this is a must see archaeological site.  Chichen Itza is a pre-Columbian Mayan temple which was recently designated one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Riviera Maya – Further south along the Caribbean coast of Mexico lays the Riviera Maya. If you are looking for something a little bit more tranquil than Cancun then this is your place.  Riviera Maya provides some of the best scuba diving around.

In order to enjoy all of these wonderful adventures and activities in Cancun and its surroundings you will need a place to stay.  There is no shortage of all inclusive resorts in the area.  The hotel zone takes up the prime beach real estate. This is where the resorts are plentiful.  So do the proper research and find the best fit for you.  You will discover why an all inclusive vacation in Cancun is the way to go.

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Warm up This Winter with an All Inclusive Resort Stay in Costa Rica

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With the cold weather and snow on the ground there is no better time to get away for a little rest and relaxation.  There is no better place to visit than Costa Rica.  It is one of the hottest travel spots and for some very good reasons.

Costa Rica is so diverse that it offers something for all types of travelers.  San Jose is the capital city and offers some sightseeing opportunities.  The national theater is definitely a must see while staying in the city.  The Mercado central or central market is a nice way to spend the afternoon and a good place to find some souvenirs.  There are also zoological parks and museums to visit if you are staying a few days.  While there are some nice hotels, restaurants and quaint markets, San Jose is generally the jumping off point to the real Costa Rica.  After all there are volcanoes, rainforests, and beaches to discover.

One of the best ways to explore and view the countryside is by trying a canopy tour.  What better way to view everything than by zip lining your way around from treetop to treetop.  You will definitely want to explore the rainforest and cloud forests that surround San Jose.  Viewing the wildlife around you is quite an experience, so be on the lookout for monkeys, different colorful frogs and reptiles etc.

One of the things that Costa Rica is known for is the amount of active volcanoes.  Arenal is the most famous one of all.  Up until just a few years ago it was the most active volcano in Costa Rica.   Although there is no longer any lava flowing there are still a ton of adventures to participate in.  There are several all inclusive resorts built around hot springs, and offer many excursions.  Hiking, exploring caves, whitewater rafting, viewing waterfalls, horseback riding are just a few of the things that you can experience around the area.

There is another very popular activity that Costa Rica is famous for and that is surfing.  It is known as a world famous surfing destination.  The Guanacaste region is known for its beaches such as Playa Tamarindo, Playa Avellana and Playa Grande.  The waves in Guanacaste are known as being excellent for surfing.  There are many all inclusive resorts in Guanacaste to choose from.  These are just a few of the many adventures that await you in Costa Rica.


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Your Next All Inclusive Vacation – Go Crazy! Avicii I could be the one review

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OK, so last week I stumbled upon my favorite music video of all time! – Avicii and Nicky Romero – “I could be the one”.

Now you don’t need to appreciate electronic music to fully enjoy the humorous yet so truthful video(which you can see below). So as a quick review: In the video, an average looking female hates her mundane life of waking at 6AM to go to a corporate office – the only thing she has going for her is counting down the days until her next vacation (can you relate yet???) On her vacations she goes crazy by sleeping with and eating anything she wants and completely lets loose by going crazy. Of course, all good times come to an end, and she’s right back at her old boring job. As she tells her psychiatrist – “All I’m really doing is dying”…lol.   You should see the rest for yourself but the video does hold truth i want to talk through.

a) Life is too short.  I realize that many Americans are struggling with the economy, but I also realize that many do not take all of their vacations that are owed to them. GO TAKE THEM!!! You need to recharge your battery, and this will help you in your current job.

b) If you do take all of your vacations, but still feel like you’re slowly dying – do something about it! Sit down and figure out what needs to happen for you to get out of the rut that you’re in.  Start a business on the side, exercise and get your body in top shape, if you have kids – get a baby sitter and go on fun dates.  Just do something….

What I’m trying to say is that we need something more to look forward to than a 1-2 time a year vacation. Only you can figure out what that is.

Of course – I am a big fan of going crazy on vacations, have fun! And we here at are slightly biased – since we think that All Inclusive Vacations are the best ones to let yourself go and enjoy. Especially places like Cancun, Mexico where there are plenty of like minded people.

So enjoy your vacation and go live!


Avicii I could be the one review

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The Dominican Republic Cuisine and Festivals

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Celebrations and festivals are so common in the Dominican Republic that they seem a part of everyday life. No matter when you visit, you’ll be sure to find something vibrant and fun going on. The Dominican culture has a distinct Spanish influence, and that shows in its citizens’ love of music and dance. Some regional festivals feature folklore dancing, such as the Patron Saint day along the country’s southern coast when citizens dance the Mangulina in the streets.

Visitors can help natives celebrate the harvest during the first week in October at the Merengue Festival in Puerto Plata. Renowned merengue singers from all over the Caribbean participate in this colorful event. Another good time to visit is during the week prior to Lent. The Santa Domingo Carnival is celebrated throughout the entire island nation, and the strong African influence present in the magnificent masks and costumes lend an exotic ambiance to the festivities.

Christmas itself lasts for over a month in the Dominican Republic, with celebrations beginning during the early part of December and lasting until the first week of January. February weekends all feature different festivals and fun. During the third week of February, a sand castle competition is held. Visitors and residents alike create elaborate sand castles on the beach. The second weekend in February features a kite-flying festival, the first weekend celebrates with mountain biking demonstrations and a race, and the final weekend of the month is when surfing and windsurfing competitions are held.

Summer festivals include the Cultural Festival during the third week in June, when performances by dance troupes and concerts by musicians skilled in Dominican folk music, blues, merenge, jazz and African spirituals dominate the cultural landscape. Arts-and-crafts exhibits by local artisans are also displayed in abundance. The Latin Music Festival is also in June. This three day event in Santo Domingo celebrates the Latin influence on Caribbean culture with performances by dozens of world-renowned Latin bands and singers.

There isn’t a single month without major festivals taking place in the Dominican Republic. Cuisine plays an important part in these celebrations. Tamales wrapped in banana leaves are a favorite street food and is often served at food booths during festivals. Another festival favorite is Bahamian coconut candy, which consists of grated coconut, vanilla, water, cinnamon, sugar and baking powder.

Although Dominican Republic cuisine has been influenced by a variety of European and African cultures, some foods that were present among island inhabitants before Europeans began to migrate still exist in the daily diet of the citizenry. Cassava bread, which is made from flour produced from the yucca plant, is served in homes and restaurants all over the country. Cassava is also made into cakes, rolls and dumplings.

Visitors to the Dominican Republic find themselves celebrating the culture of that country along with natives no matter when they visit. Festivals, food and fun are found in abundance in this life-loving country.

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A Guide To Proposing To The Love Of Your Life In The Dominican Republic

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You and the love of your life are planning on going for an all-inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic. You’re ready to propose and want to do it on vacation to make your trip extra special and memorable. Should you plan out the proposal or do it on a whim? Get your thoughts together and be a bit more prepared by knowing the top tips for proposing while on vacation and the most romantic destinations in the Dominican Republic.

Romantic Hotels in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s romantic hotels have restaurants that are perfect for candlelit dinners, private beaches and must-see sunsets. Here are two of the top romantic hotels that don’t attract families with young children and college kids on Spring break. Set the scene for a super romantic vacation before you propose:

  • Riu Palace Punta Cana: If you’re looking for a family friendly and yet romantic spot, this could be perfect for you.
  • Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana: Set on one of Punta Cana’s most beautiful, this Adults only hotel has a casino, offers scuba dives, golf and more.

Hiding the Engagement Ring

One of your main considerations when traveling to the Dominican Republic and planning to propose is how to hide the ring. When couples travel together, it’s common to share bags and search through each other’s belongings for something you need. This means that hiding the ring is even more important than usual. Wherever you choose, make sure it’s somewhere you’re positive your girlfriend isn’t going to look. While it’s a bit risky, it’s a good idea to put the ring in your checked luggage instead of in your carry-on.

Romantic Activities in the Dominican Republic

Unless you’re going to propose the minute you feel an urge to, you’ll probably want to pick a romantic, memorable moment as the backdrop. Think about sticking to this plan, too. It may feel like the right time when you’re in the airport, but your fiancee doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life telling the story of how you proposed right after security check. Consider these romantic activities in the Dominican Republic as your proposal spot.

  • Saona Island: Escape to your own, isolated beach for the afternoon. Saona Island looks like it could be the backdrop for a Hollywood movie. To get there, you have to take relaxing catamaran ride for two hours. The ride comes with beer, rum drinks and a half hour long speedboat trip.
  • Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park: This 600-acre nature preserve is the perfect place for an outdoorsy couple to get engaged. Hike your way around the park to find the gorgeous blue lagoons. Hint: There are twelve of them!
  • Outdoor Dining: Most restaurants have an outdoor seating area. If you want to get engaged in a traditional way, book a table outside and propose as the sun sets.

More activity ideas include:

  • Swim with the dolphins.
  • Take a Dominican Outback Safari.
  • Plan a day of snorkeling.
  • Go parasailing.
  • Go scuba diving.

Good luck! We’re crossing our fingers for you!

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Top 7 Activities In The Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic, with its lively cities and gorgeous beaches, is an ideal place for a memorable vacation. Whether you seek culture, sunshine or just a beautiful and unique place to visit, the Dominican Republic has plenty to offer. Here are the top seven activities and attractions every visitor to the Dominican Republic should keep in mind.

#1: Explore Santo Domingo

The vibrant capital city of the Dominican Republic and the oldest European settlement in the Western Hemisphere, Santo Domingo offers everything from historic districts to rich museums to some of the country’s finest shops and restaurants. Top attractions in Santo Domingo include the Colonial Zone, a historic neighborhood that dates back to the city’s original founding. A visit to the Colonial Zones allows visitors to walk the same streets as Christopher Columbus and take in its historic and beautiful architecture. Must-see museums and parks in the city include the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History and Alcazar de Colon.

#2: Relax on Punta Cana

The extreme eastern tip of the Dominican Republic holds world-class beaches, stunning ocean views, some of the world’s best all-inclusive resorts and plentiful sunshine. The perfect place for swimming, water sports, boating, sunbathing, diving and other activities, Punta Cana is not to be missed.

#3: Take in the Beauty of Playa Bonita

A vast stretch of secluded beaches and tropical palm trees, Playa Bonita is one of the most spectacular places on Earth. A great spot to relax and enjoy a romantic stroll along the beach, Playa Bonita is as beautiful as it is memorable.

#4: Discover Bonao, the Dominican Republic’s Hidden Gem

A small and secluded village, Bonao plays host to breathtaking mountain scenery, rugged hiking trails and lush tropical forests. Intrepid visitors looking for adventure will find unrivaled natural beauty in Bonao as well as endless opportunities for backpacking, hiking, biking, horseback riding and sightseeing. A veritable tropical paradise, Bonao is simply breathtaking to see.

#5: Visit the Historic City of Puerto Plata

Renowned for its rich culture and spectacular beaches, Puerto Plata plays host to many of the Dominican Republic’s top attractions and sites of interest. Must-see landmarks in this city include Fort San Felipe and Central Park. Puerto Plata also boasts many of the country’s best restaurants, shops, boutiques and galleries.

#6: Venture through the Eastern Cibao Region

Located in the far eastern end of the nation, Eastern Cibao holds many natural wonders and vibrant cities to explore. Here, visitors can stroll across the historic streets of cities like Las Terrenas as well as see the natural treasures of Playa Coson, Playa Rincon, the waterfalls of Salto del Limon and much more.

#7: See the Natural Wonders of Monte Cristi National Park

One of the Dominican Republic’s true natural gems, Monte Cristi National Park is a land of rugged mountains, golden beaches and stunning limestone cliffs. A great destination for both recreational and leisure activities, the park’s beauty and unspoiled splendor are truly a sight to behold.

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Three Things You Should Know About Visiting The Dominican Republic

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Tourist-friendly and home to the upbeat musical style called merengue, the Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation that neighbors Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. Dominican culture blends native, Spanish and African traditions into a unique whole. Here are three things tourists should know when visiting the island nation.

1. Dominican Time ≠ Real Time

When it comes to schedules, Americans run a tight ship. Don’t expect the same sort of rigidity when it comes to Dominican time. Feel free to add thirty, forty or even sixty minutes to any appointment, delivery or meeting time. A taxi driver does not respond to a call within fifteen minutes. Dinner will not be delivered to a hotel room thirty minutes after it’s ordered. If there is an emergency and a doctor is required, even his arrival is going to take a bit. Of course, important things like paying the restaurant tab or the electric bill are expected to be handled promptly, but that goes for anywhere.

2. The Art Of Haggling

Haggling is an accepted and expected custom in most corners of the Latin diaspora. With the exception of shopping in a large boutique or chain department store, anybody can haggle for literally anything with a price attached to it — and sometimes things that aren’t even priced. The pursuit of a bargain is not frowned upon. A sale is a not a sale until it’s paid, and it’s perfectly alright for a tourist or native to save a couple pesos. Food is not exempt: a haggler at a food cart is not a unique sight.

3. Roll With The Customs

Every culture on the planet has its own quirks. The Dominican people have some interesting ones. They might be called superstitious, but it’s best to respect or indulge certain practices.

Interestingly, the Dominicans are familiar with three of the most famous American cities: Boston, Miami and New York. The latter two cities are especially known for their great number of Cuban and Puerto Rican residents, respectively. The connection is obvious: like the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico are Caribbean island nations. Referencing a city that is not one of the three above will likely elicit a blank stare.

Dominicans also become quite elated when their airplane touches down on a runway. They’ll begin applauding, hugging, praying loudly and shaking holy water from small containers over fellow passengers. The relief may stem from having completed another circuit over open water. Granted, it is a good thing when a jet lands on asphalt instead of an ocean wave — it’s not a giant surfboard.

Finally, showers are not next in the queue after meals. The Dominican populace considers this a taboo, much like parents tell children not to jump in the pool after wolfing down three burgers. Dominicans believe bathing after eating may induce cramps, hives, fever or some other side effect. This is not backed by science, but showering after a heavy meal probably isn’t too smart, anyway. At the very least, one may feel nauseous under hot water with a full stomach.

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Costa Rica: A South American Treasure

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The words “Costa Rica” pull the mind into a paradise that is brimming with exotic buffets, brightly colored cocktails, and crystal clear waters that possess therapeutic powers. It is hard to expect anything less from a location whose name literally translates as “rich coast.” A retreat to the Costa Rican shores allows your mind to see these dreams transform into reality. An all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica will let you escape the pressures of everyday life by indulging in its exotic luxuries. The expense of vacations are often the hurdle that keep us from treating ourselves the way we know we deserve to be treated. Vacation packages that are all-inclusive are the smartest way to lower expenses for your annual getaway. The hassles that come with booking each little amenity for your relaxing retreat can be eliminated simply by booking one of the all-inclusive vacation packages such as the ones offered on our site.

All-inclusive packages cover almost every expense from the moment you step foot in the airport. Most packages include round-trip airfare, and even include pick-up and drop-off services. Everything from the gratuities to child day-care services can be included. Certain resorts can even plan daily excursions and ensure that their staff is waiting on your every need both day and night. Once the details are handled, you are free to explore miles of stunning coast lines and dense forest. Explore Costa Rica’s rainforest, world renowned for producing some of the world best coco and coffee beans!

Resorts along the coast offer the opportunity for relaxation by being completely integrated with the serene coastal atmosphere. The Riu Guanacaste Resort is located a beautifully exotic spot, where you can experience the wonder of lush rain forests blending into the white sands of virtually unspoiled beaches. Nature surrounds you, and the premises contains amenities designed to melt away any bit of stress and tension.

Once you have experienced the magic of the islands, you will find yourself coming back year after year. Central America has a vast number of sights and activities that are sure to spark the interests of travelers from across the globe. Deep sea fishing and snorkeling in crystal clear waters merely scratches the surface of the natural beauty that can be explored in Costa Rica. This destination is perfect for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a looking for a romantic getaway, a unique family experience, or simply come for the surfing, the beaches and resorts of Coasts Rica offer a vacation that is unlike any other on earth.

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