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All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico

Mexico, Riviera Maya
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Avenida Xaman-Ha Manzana 3 Lote 4
Condominios Playacar, Playa del Carmen 77710
Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Hotel Overview
The Riu Palace Mexico hotel is one of the liveliest all inclusive resorts you'll ever stay in; to be more specific, the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico is a place that's situated in the midst of a cultural explosion of sights and sounds that adds a lot to the overall quality and atmosphere of your vacation. The Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort is about one mile away from the cosmopolitan hub known as Playa del Carmen as well.

The Hotel Riu Palace Mexico is the type of hotel that provides tropical relaxation in a prime beachfront location, which means that it offers a careful balance between the luxuries of modern life and the relaxing benefits of Mother Nature. Aside from the standard perks of a Mexican summer retreat like powder-white sands, bejeweled waters that sparkle with undeniable life, and friendly hotel employees who are always there to lend you a helping hand, the Riu Palace Mexico also has five acres of breathtaking fountains and lush evergreen gardens.

Additionally, the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico also offers wonderful activities to make your vacation a memorable one, which includes quality entertainment programs for the whole family. The staff and crew of the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive hotel firmly believes in the importance of providing family-friendly entertainment and a more relaxing environment when compared to its more bombastic competitors—simply put, the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico is guaranteed to offer satisfaction to all the members of your troupe or family.

The amenity highlights of the Riu Palace Mexico include all inclusive benefits like water sports, day-long-open snack bars, beachfront dining, lavish gardens straight out of the Biblical Eden, and many other value-addled extras that guests are sure to love. Also, the hotel's fine selection of steakhouse specialty restaurants, Japanese or Brazilian gourmet dinners, casual buffet restaurants, snack bars, cocktails, and so on proves that the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico truly lives up to its all inclusive moniker.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Riu Palace Mexico certainly isn't lacking when it comes to stress-relieving or pulse-pounding services and conveniences. The All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico hotel's multilingual staff is there to provide guests with all sorts of important benefits like running the currency exchange shop and attending to the different newsstands and gift shops scattered across the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico's property.

The majority of the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive hotel's recreational facilities and activities are thankfully included in the all inclusive room rate of the resort. Ergo, you're free to enjoy the very best that the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico has to offer when it comes to land or water sports without worrying about hidden fees and surcharges.
Hotel Rooms
Make no mistake about it; the hotel rooms featured in the Riu Palace Mexico is also in a league of their own. Guests of the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico don't have to worry about being charged any extra expenses for most of the benefits they'll receive. All inclusive means (mostly) everything is included, so a stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico is truly a bargain and a half (and then some) in terms of premium accommodations and packaged promotions.

The Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive hotel's guest suites are contained in a pair of low-rising wings at the resort complex. Moreover, all the sites within the Riu Palace Mexico contain either a patio or furnished balcony with breathtaking panoramas of the seemingly infinite sea, heavenly gardens, and attractive fountains. The Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort prides itself with having accommodations that feature a myriad of awe-inspiring views. For instance, because the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico is situated within the dazzling Playacar complex, it overlooks Mexico's ever-famous Riviera Maya at the best vantage point possible. In addition, it's also half a mile or one kilometer away from the gorgeous Playacar Golf Course. There are also Hotel Riu Palace Mexico suites that offers private spa tubs and partial ocean views if you so prefer.

The All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico will never be found wanting when it comes to room amenities both basic and premium-grade. The Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive hotel has wonderful prerequisites like ceiling fans and in-room air conditioning, liquor dispensers and mini-bars that are restocked every other day, a flat-screen television sporting either cable or satellite U.S. channels, access via exterior corridors, child care (in-room, requires a surcharge), clock radio, desk, in-room safe, welcome amenities, bidets, bathrooms, and showers. One thing is for certain—whichever room you end up with, the Riu Palace Mexico delivers unquestionable excellence.

The All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico sports other gratuities like a direct-dial phone to communicate with your loved ones with while on vacation, complimentary bottled water, wakeup calls every day, a coffee or tea maker that's useful during breakfast or coffee breaks, designer toiletries for your morning and evening rituals, a hairdryer to get you immediately ready for non-beach-related activities like fine dining and theater watching, daily housekeeping to keep your quarters spic-and-span, and an ironing board plus iron if you want to iron out your clothes by yourself.

The Hotel Riu Palace Mexico also has concierge services that will take care of all your other personal needs as you tour around the hotel's premises as well as a number of business benefits to help you with your work. Moreover, the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort provides you with other facilities such as a collection of fitness equipment at the local gym, a safety deposit box at the front desk, and a twenty-four-hour receptionist service that will handle all your questions and requests with enthusiasm and grace.
The Riu Palace Mexico doesn't only have lovely views of the ocean as far as the eye can see, a verdant and flourishing garden that adds a lot to the tropical ambiance, and two sparkling pools with one sporting a lively swim-up bar that serves as one of the many social hubs in the property; it's also a hotel that provides nonstop recreational activities that caters to all age groups.

Whenever you're staying at the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico, the fun never stops. Whether you want to play some water sports to maximize your beach-going pleasure, check out the local nightlife via the hotel's nightly entertainment program, or get your kids into a children's club for ages four to twelve so that they too can enjoy themselves while being babysat, the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort will always deliver.

If you'd rather enjoy a taste of the salty sea breeze and the turquoise waters at a later date, then why not indulge yourself in the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico's variety of Riu-resort-exclusive shops and a privately operated spa (surcharges not included) found in the Mexican Street just four blocks away. You can also practice your breaststroke or backstroke and mingle with other guests in either the Riu Palace Mexico's outdoor adult swimming pool or the children's pool nearby.

Golf to your heart's content with the Riu Palace Mexico's driving range and an eighteen-hole Playacar golf course half a mile or one kilometer away from your hotel (extra charge needed).You can also opt for some timely exercise routines at the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico's fitness center that's equipped with free weights, cardio equipment, and beauty services. Furthermore, nothing refreshes your body like the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico's sauna feature that helps you melt your bodily toxins and worries away. You can even try out a game of tennis on two lighted, hard-surface courts if you want to work up a decent sweat.

As for the hotel's water sports, the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive package covers every beach activity imaginable, which includes canoeing or kayaking, water aerobics, fishing, and windsurfing. Snorkeling is a particular fan favorite among the guests for the simple fact that the underwater experience of seeing the ecological treasures of the Caribbean Sea is beyond words. You can even avail of complimentary privileges at the bigger fitness centers found at the nearby Riu Yucatan, if you so desire.(Note: Some activities are additional cost.)

The Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort is renowned for its countless features that will surely tickle everyone's fancy. Are you a dancer? Are you a child of the seventies that misses the heyday of disco, or at least someone who wants to try out a hot fad of a bygone age? Then the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico's disco privileges—which are included in the all inclusive package—will surely gratify your need to get your groove on, Bee-Gees-style; it's just five minutes away from the resort and is part of the shared, sibling hotel promotion. If nightly Mexican theater is more your thing, then the Riu Palace Mexico hotel has that option available as well.

In addition, the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico resort offers an onsite spa with Jacuzzis that go hand-in-hand with services like skincare treatments and massages for the ladies. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive hotel will not break any of its promises when it comes to delivering its pledge of excellence to its guests. The Hotel Riu Palace Mexico's claim to fame comes from its consistency in pleasing the needs, wants, and whims of its multitude of customers.
The Riu hotel chain, which includes the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico, provides fine dining choices of the highest order to all its guests. The Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort proudly showcases a whole menagerie of tasteful pleasures with astronomical quality you'll need to taste to believe. Food and drinks in the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico resort are distributed across open-air terraces, in air-conditioned dining rooms, and in poolside or beachside establishments; the bottom line here is that you can get to enjoy your meal with the best atmosphere in town, so it's always a different dining experience every time.

The Riu Palace Mexico's cuisine options include specialty restaurants and casual international buffets. Moreover, because the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort lives up to its all inclusive moniker, you'll also receive beverage and lunch privileges at three sibling hotels that are just five minutes away. Hotel Riu Palace Mexico values its guests' satisfaction, so it gives them as many choices as possible in order to avoid needless monotony and staleness. You'll never get bored of the entrees and delectable food available at the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico.

The majority of the Riu Palace Mexico hotel's dishes and drinks—including all gratuities—at the following bars, snack spots, and restaurants are all part of the room rate for the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico's all inclusive package and details. The guests at the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort can also have beverages, snacks, and lunch at three nearby partner resorts as well.
  • Don Julian: This is the All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico hotel's main restaurant. It contains both outdoor and indoor dining areas as well as regional or international specialties that will compel you to come back for more. This Riu Palace Mexico diner even has theme nights three times a week, eschews any sort of dress code, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day.
  • La Traviata and Steakhouse: The Riu Palace Mexico is aware that no resort can possibly be complete without having a steakhouse. Then again, La Traviata is no ordinary steakhouse either; it has lots of specialties for dinner, it features terrace dining, and it's even close to the beachfront as well. Dinner reservations and the "sleeved shirt and long trousers" dress code are mandatory.
  • Miyagi: This is the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico's exclusive Japanese cuisine diner. The establishment requires reservations before you can enter, and only provides dinner for its patrons. Its dress code stipulates that men should wear shirts with sleeves and long trousers. Japanese-style preparation of Caribbean delights never tasted so good before Miyagi came along.
  • Krystal: The All Inclusive Riu Palace Mexico is blessed to have this reservation-only a la carte restaurant around, because it specializes in fusion dishes that blend domestic cuisine, international flavors, and first-class techniques in one establishment. Michelin-star Spanish chefs are the best when it comes to developing menus sampling the different flavors of the world.
  • Brazilian Rodizio: This is the Riu Palace Mexico All Inclusive resort's exclusive Brazilian specialty restaurant. It requires both reservations and a dress code similar to the one imposed in the Miyagi restaurant (sleeved shirts and long trousers). It's also one of the most delicious Brazilian diners around, so be sure to give this eatery a try.
  • El Patio: Last but not the least is the El Patio ("The Patio") eatery, which provides the best in open-air dining that the Riu Palace Mexico has to offer. Lunch buffets here are served every day, and it even lacks a dress code or wet clothes stipulation to boot.
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