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All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios

Jamaica, Ocho Rios
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P.O. Box 4442 Mammee Bay
St Ann
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
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Hotel Overview
From celebrities to ordinary office workers, sun worshippers to celebrating couples, and multinational company executives to ordinary families with children, the Riu Ocho Rios caters to them all because a quality resort experience is universally appreciated no matter who you are or where you're from. The All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios relaxes and revives weary travelers far and wide with is world-class Caribbean beach, two courtyards that are filled with miscellaneous recreational delights, and the ever-popular pool areas. Enclosed by heavenly gardens and the spectacular Mamie Bay, the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort is six miles away from Dunn's River Falls and is filled with many other tourist attractions both natural and manmade. This All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios and its multitude of facilities serve as a solid testament to the concept of man harmonizing with nature.

The Riu Ocho Rios's amenity highlights include a swim-up bar, spa tubs that are integrated with a pair of outdoor swimming pools, and a sports bar showing the latest popular team- or combat-based sports via overhead television screens. The All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios also has 24 hour snack bars, a terrace solarium, hammocks, fitness equipment, and a health spa. As for family-related (or at least children-specific) amusement, the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort offers supervised recreational activities for children aged four to twelve. This All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios fully understands and addresses the fact that part of the reason why people stay in beachfront hotels in the first place is to get quality, all inclusive entertainment and relaxation services.

After spending just a few days at the comprehensive and extensive Riu Ocho Rios resort, any high-expectation customer will find it to be all that he expected and much more. The facilities and amenities that the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios possesses are well-developed, meticulously maintained, and wondrous to behold. Moreover, although there's usually a huge throng of people at the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort's lobby, guests would never feel crowded by the sea of clients thanks to the establishment's hugeness. The available rooms at this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios overlook different parts of the property; whether you want to have a romantic ocean view or a fun-filled poolside view, the hotel's front desk can easily accommodate your preferences.

The Riu Ocho Rios's beachfront property features 5000 square foot conference room for executives or office leaders who want to schedule team building exercises or other business-related agendas within the hotel premises. Just because you're vacationing at the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios doesn't necessarily mean all corporate-type activities are off-limits to you; business and pleasure can mix splendidly while staying at the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort.

Lucky guests who are just checking in will occasionally be greeted at the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort's reception desk with delicious rum punch to soothe their weary selves after a long and involved journey. Furthermore, the food at the All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios is unsurprisingly excellent as well; all-day buffets, a made-to-order station, and plenty of options guarantee that fine dining will not be a problem during your stay at the Riu Ocho Rios. Besides which, the Riu Ocho Rios's standard rooms are much larger than the ones found in other hotels, so just imagine what you can get once you upgrade to a junior or senior suite! However, the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios's standard room option is normally more than adequate for your accommodation needs, especially when considering that most of them contain large balconies with spectacular panoramas.
Hotel Rooms
The All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios's 846 suites and guestrooms are distributed within two six-storey buildings and one five-storey building. All the rooms in the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort's premises are furnished with spectacular ocean views and private balconies, so getting a panorama of the Caribbean Sea and Jamaican paradise is never a problem regardless of which room you end up in. Also, the rooms featured in this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios possess in-room safes; air conditioning plus supplementary ceiling fans; regularly refilled liquor dispensers containing vodka, rum, brandy, and gin; and mini-bars full of bottled mineral water, locally brewed beer, and soda drinks.

Deluxe Wing benefits at the Riu Ocho Rios affords lucky guests with privileges like fine dining at three accessible restaurants, use of the world-renowned infinity pool, and handy concierge services. As for the rest of the room amenities, the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios assures complete facilities and services all the way through. Each and every one of the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort's patrons will be treated with perks like complimentary toiletries, hairdryer use, wakeup calls, clock radios, direct-dial telephone services, blackout drapes or curtains for added privacy, climate control, a separate sitting area, and premium TV channels from both local and abroad.

In fact, this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios has so many provisions and resources available for its hotel rooms that a guest could simply stay there and be entertained without the need for a recreational itinerary. To be more specific, a Riu Ocho Rios room is the perfect quarters to stay in after a hectic day of beach-related merrymaking or a frenetic session of nightlife amusement. The All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios hotel's in-room television has a rich library of cable or satellite services, so you'll never miss out on watching your favorite U.S., European, or Asian shows as long as you have this service around. Also, every Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort bathroom features a bidet, a handheld shower, and a shower and tub combination that assures vacationers of luxurious and hygienic bathroom activities every time.

Moreover, the staff and crew of this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios upholds the cleanliness and spotlessness of its facilities above all else. Every room, pool, floor, wall, desk, furniture, and whatnot within the Riu Ocho Rios's property looks new and spotless; this resort definitely shows its lack of wear and tear. The All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios is in excellent condition, and its dedicated housekeeping schedule has a lot to do with its spic-and-span immaculateness. There are housekeeping carts within the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort's halls at all hours, while janitors are always tending the grounds and mopping the halls.

Additionally, the hotel room accommodation package of this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios also includes the options to avail of cribs (infant beds), rollaway beds, and sofa beds as well as extensive in-room childcare supervision by hotel staff (requires a surcharge). If that's not enough to satisfy you, then how about a front desk safety deposit box for added protection to your valuables, a multilingual staff that will cater to your every beck and call, duly trained security guards, and congenial doormen or doorwomen? That's just the All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios's extra in-building services; in terms of the resort's all-around facilities, you haven't seen anything yet.
Most of the Riu Ocho Rios's recreational activities outlined below are part of the hotel's overall package. All-inclusive means all inclusive, and the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios doesn't just wear the all inclusive moniker for the sake of advertising. The Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort will not just rest on its laurels and let the fact that it is right in front of Caribbean paradise get in the way of delivering pure, unadulterated fun to guests and clients of all ages, cultures, and creeds. This All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios believes in the Riu chain tradition of delivering whatever it promises to its customers; this resort will never claim to provide comprehensive recreational amusement without having the capability to make it happen first.

Therefore, it's only natural for the Riu Ocho Rios to have an extensive water sport recreational package. Whether you fancy on-site swimming in pools or at the beach, surfing or boogie boarding across the Caribbean, water skiing to pump up your adrenalin, rowing or canoeing to your heart's content, or pony up extra cash for some exciting motor boating action, the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios delivers quality water-sport services in spades. The Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort also rents out personal watercrafts, sail boats, windsurfing paraphernalia, rafting equipment, and scuba diving tools as well. To refer to this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios as a scrupulous and thorough resort is an understatement of the highest order.

Aside from kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, and all the other standard (yet extremely exhilarating) water sport services you can find in most beachfront hotels, the Riu Ocho Rios also offers complimentary snorkeling equipment as well as a promotion wherein guests are entitled to get one introductory scuba diving lesson at the swimming pool. Furthermore, the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort isn't just limited to beach- or pool-related activities, which is why it has a hard-surface tennis court readily at hand. Moreover, the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios has a very accessible health club nearby for all the exercise enthusiasts and muscle-building fanatics out there. Obviously, this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios enjoys mixing it up when it comes to hotel entertainment.

This All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios is famous for its horseback riding rental ranch that's six and a half kilometers away and two golf courses that are thirteen kilometers away. As for its on-site land sport facilities, the Riu Ocho Rios has a whole plethora of fun entertainment options to choose from such as beach volleyball, basketball, aerobics, and gym-related sessions. For the outdoorsy types, the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios features a playground, a fishing spot, a parasailing shop, a bike rental store, and dirt trails for hiking, biking, mountain biking, and scooter or moped riding. The Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort even offers exclusive services not found in other Riu hotels like helicopter or airplane sightseeing.
Here's one particular Riu Ocho Rios hotel room perk that's very relevant to the dining section of this review; guests availing of the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios's Jacuzzi Suite, Junior Ocean Suite, or Ocean View Suite are exclusively eligible for dinner reservations at the following high-class, premium-grade a la carte restaurants: Mamie Bay, Tushima, and Sir Richard. This All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios actually rewards its patrons who opt for bigger and better suites by providing extra bonuses like restaurant accessibility; now that's service for you!

In any case, promotion or no promotion, the fine dining options of the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort is nothing short of breathtaking. A whopping nine restaurants (bars not included) are available in this All Inclusive Hotel in Ocho Rios, and every one of them offers variety and quality beyond compare. Getting tired of the menus of the Riu Ocho Rios's myriad of eateries is nothing short of impossible; there are too many choices and too many top-ranked establishments on hand for that to become the case. With that said, here are the following restaurants available to every one of the All Inclusive Riu Ocho Rios's multitude of guests:
  • Sir Richard: This aforementioned a la carte diner offers gourmet dishes par excellence such as lamb cutlets in rosemary sauce and red snapper fillet with grilled vegetables, which is why the Riu Ocho Rios All Inclusive Resort holds this particular restaurant in high esteem. It mandates reservations and a "long pants" dress code for men.
  • Sir John: This dinner a la carte establishment is a two-seater restaurant that can only be accessed via reservation.
  • Mamie Bay: This buffet-style restaurant offers lunch and breakfast buffets. Dinnertime at this establishment is also worth the wait, because it transforms itself into an a la carte steak house every night.
  • Steak House: The straightforwardly named Steak House provides scrumptious dinners composed of a varied menu such as garnished smoked salmon appetizers, a ten-ounce beef tenderloin main course, and desserts like ice cream or sliced fruit. It's a must-visit diner for sure.
  • Saint Ann International Buffet: This eatery with a self-explanatory name offers terrace-style fine dining and a nonsmoking section. It also provides a wonderful sample of the different cuisines of the world. Dinner and breakfast are served here too.
  • Tushima: There's a reason why Caribbean beachfront hotels always have Asian restaurants available, and it's most likely because they're in a class of their own. This reservations-only, dress-code-mandating Japanese restaurant is an exclusive one that offers oriental classics like maki-maki and nigiri sushi, stir-fried beef with Chinese mushrooms, and octopus in chili sauce.
  • Plantation Restaurant: For those who'd rather not go through the trouble of getting a reservation, then this restaurant is the place to go. It provides satisfying breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus all throughout the day.
  • Mandalay: Although this is yet another Asian cuisine establishment, none of the guests have been complaining about its supposed redundancy. The fact that this reservation-required restaurant provides nearly the same menu as Tushima—which allows Asian cuisine fans to go to either of the two restaurants whenever one of them is fully booked—may have something to do with that.
  • Piccola Italia: Italians are renowned for their delicious pizza and pasta dishes; therefore, the Piccola Italia continues the tradition by offering genuine Italian fare. Continental breakfasts also available from about nine or ten in the morning to twelve noon.
  • Jerk Hut by the Beach: This open-air venue grills Jamaican jerk-seasoned meats (usually chicken, pork, or sausage) by the beach. The sweet smell of grilled and jerked perfection adds a lot to the restaurant's fine dining experience.
  • Bars: Here's a list of bars to watch out for within the Riu Ocho Rios's property—the Rastafari swim-up bar, the Reggae pool bar, the Seagrape beach bar, the Dunn's River Plaza bar, the Blue Mountain lounge bar (with terrace), and the Pacha Disco night club (provides complimentary drinks).
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