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All Inclusive Riu Negril

Jamaica, Negril
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All Inclusive Riu Negril Hotel
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Norman Manley Boulevard
Bloody Bay Beach
Negril, Jamaica
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Hotel Overview
This All Inclusive Hotel in Negril embodies the once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience by showing the very best that a Jamaican seaside resort can possibly offer. After it was opened in 2004, the All Inclusive Riu Negril has done all it can to cater to the needs and desires of every last possible vacationer demographic. Luckily, the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort has developed a versatile and comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction that enables it to provide quality accommodations and amenities on all fronts. By simply offering a wide assortment of world-class products and services, this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril is able to target the true, basic needs of its clients; from there on end, catering to their miscellaneous frivolities and preferences is a relative snap.

The grownup and family crowds that typically flock the Riu Negril are always assured of a truly great Negril resort treat in terms of complete facilities, convivial accommodations, hospitable service, eye-popping vistas, scenic panoramas, frenetic entertainment, and unforgettable food offerings. The All Inclusive Riu Negril even has a sibling hotel—the Riu Tropical Bay—that offers family fun and adult-oriented entertainment in a well-balanced and harmonious manner. The Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort typically shares many of its facilities with the Riu Tropical Bay's guests mainly because it compliments a lot of its partner hotel's attributes quite well.

The bottom line here is that the All Inclusive Hotel in Negril is no ordinary resort; it's a beachfront property that's always better than people expect no matter how high their expectations are. Furthermore, the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort has benefits and advantages to spare, as many a vacationer would immediately find out as soon as they step on the hotel's premises. More to the point, the Riu Negril offers the tranquil waters of the renowned Bloody Bay and 547 yards worth of fine-grained, silky-smooth sand. In addition, the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort is aware that there's more than one way to enjoy the water, which is why it supplies non-motorized water sports equipment and, for an extra charge, a water sports center that handles motorized water sports classics as well as scuba diving or snorkeling instruction, certification, and excursions.

The All Inclusive Riu Negril proudly features freshwater swimming in the form of two 120 feet freeform pools, a 25 person jetted section, and a swim-up bar for those who prefer a bit of poolside socializing. In any case, this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril shares a few other perks with the Riu Palace Tropical Bay as well: Just eight miles south of the resort, you can get to see heartbreaking sunsets at Rick's Cafe that will leave you spellbound and infatuated with Jamaican paradise for days on end. Also, be sure to watch the Riu Negril's live reggae band or experience diving at the nearby Caribbean Sea cliff diving spot at least once before you leave the All Inclusive Riu Negril.
Hotel Rooms
Skeptical folks will probably consider the Riu Negril as just another Jamaican resort not unlike many other Jamaican resorts out there; you've seen one, you've seen them all, as they say. However, the All Inclusive Riu Negril defies this logic by going the extra mile that many other hotels only claim to do in their promotional materials. To be more specific, few other hotels (the Riu Palace Tropical Bay among them) can match the level of thoroughness and perfectionism that the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort offers. In fact, the attention to detail that this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril usually delivers can easily been seen in the most basic service that a resort should provide to its guests: their respective guestrooms or suites.

The ground floor terraces and upper floor balconies of this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril are equipped with cocktail tables and chairs for guests who want to admire the scenic beauty of the Caribbean in unique Jamaican fashion. Moreover, the Riu Negril is also celebrated for its wood-paddle ceiling fans that supplement in-room air conditioning. Besides which, the All Inclusive Riu Negril's guestroom televisions also offer U.S. or European channels, so whatever program you're yearning for, you're sure to find it via the Riu Negril’s in-room satellite or cable services.

Since it's such a high-class resort, it's only natural for the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort to have standard amenities like liquor dispensers filled with gin, brandy, rum, and vodka or mini-fridges stocked with water, drink mixers, beer, and soft drinks; add to that the fact that the Riu Negril hotel has a 24 hour front desk, steadfast security guards, attentive bellhops or porters, and a multilingual staff, and you'll have a better idea of why this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril is so beloved and popular in the first place. No doubt, the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort has what it takes in order to set the bar of quality for the entire Jamaican hotel service industry. This fine All Inclusive Hotel in Negril has proven its mettle as a top vacation spot and then some. As for its room amenities, the All Inclusive Riu Negril has it covered as well. Let it be known that this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril wears the all inclusive appellation like a badge of pride.

The Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort just doesn't know when to stop when it comes to offering guests extra perks as a token of its appreciation for their patronage, which is further evidenced by its in-hotel facilities nearest to the guestrooms and suites.
Before checking into their rooms, guests at the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort have the option of pampering themselves via the All Inclusive Riu Negril's air-conditioned, three-room health-and-beauty spa. This elite Riu Negril establishment provides a garden-fringed terrace cooled by ceiling fans, two ten-person unisex spa tubs, men's and women's saunas, and couple-exclusive rooms. The relaxation doesn't just stop there, of course; after all, the Riu Negril considers spa treatments as recreational activities in their own right.

Therefore, the All Inclusive Riu Negril has additional perks like solarium sunbathing, a never-ending supply of complimentary towels and hammocks, a nearby air-conditioned slot-machine room that's open the whole day, and free wireless Internet access right across the lobby. What more can you possibly ask for? This All Inclusive Hotel in Negril understands how to optimize resort-based, spa-induced stress relief in a way that really unwinds your frayed nerves to a state of utter peace and harmony.

Let it also be known that the recreational opportunities within the Riu Negril are as endless and infinite as the horizon of the Caribbean Sea. Guests will have a harder time staying bored in the All Inclusive Riu Negril because of its multitude of land-based and sea-based games. To be true, the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort has quite a complete line of land sports for a beachfront resort, which incidentally includes classics such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, bocce, soccer on an all-purpose field, basketball on a concrete court, and tennis amid two lighted courts that allows you nighttime play if you so desire.

The entertainment options of this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril are not just relaxing, but healthy and invigorating as well. Fitness enthusiasts will certainly love the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort's yoga classes or aerobics sessions as well. Moreover, for guests who want to travel to and fro the immense property without wearing their sandals out, this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril also offers scooter and moped rentals, horse riding rentals, and bicycle rentals. As for those adrenalin junkies who want to take to the sky, then the Riu Negril's ever-popular parasailing option is readily available for you. Children will also fall in love with the All Inclusive Riu Negril's playground, while fathers can take their kids along the pier for a bit of fishing-related bonding time.

If you're the kind of tourist who wants to combine the stress-relieving attributes of a spa treatment with the competitiveness of a typical land sport, then perhaps the Negril Hills Golf Club of the All Inclusive Riu Negril is the best recreational option for you. Golf is a game of patience and athleticism that's beloved by the privileged, which is why the Riu Negril actually founded the Negril Hills Golf Club in the first place. The affluent clientele of this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril would not expect anything less from the resort.

Saving the best for last, the Riu Negril's water-related activities define what a Jamaican tropical adventure should be like. Thrill as you try out the All Inclusive Riu Negril's on-site snorkeling, laugh as you join in on some pool swimming action, swoon as you chase the distant Caribbean horizon via sailing, feel your blood pulse into your veins like lava as you water ski, swallow your heart as it gets caught in your throat while you windsurf, and scream in joyous adulation as you ride a rented personal watercraft. Perhaps now you have a better idea of why the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort is referred to as "all inclusive"—this is an unbreakable vow that the hotel upholds to the letter.
Dining at the Riu Negril is the icing that completes a rather delicious Jamaican cake; the Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort hasn't forsaken the quality of their cuisine in favor of providing its guests with better entertainment or hotel room services. To be true, this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril considers delivering quality fine dining to its patrons as a crucial step to attaining true hotel service superiority. Nothing short of culinary perfection is required—to be the best, this All Inclusive Hotel in Negril must embody magnificence in all fronts, which includes fine dining.

On that note, the majority of the meals and beverages (including all gratuities) found in the following All Inclusive Riu Negril bars, snack spots, and restaurants have been fine-tuned and crafted specifically to offer patrons universal delectableness that defies the cultural divide. The Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort's food options will please most, if not all, vacationers and tourists the world over.
  • Negril: Named after the Riu Negril, the Negril is the foremost eatery of its parent resort. Its terrace-style dining really sets the mood, while its nonsmoking areas for nonsmokers and families alike firmly establish it as a restaurant for all ages. Explore new taste sensations with this diner's twice-weekly theme dinners, scrumptious buffets, and show-cooking stations.
  • Sir Andrew: The Sir Andrew air-conditioned eatery requires both a dress code composed of sleeved shirts and long pants for men (sandals not allowed) and a dinner reservation. Its a la carte entrees (such as lamb chops and English-style beef fillet) are well worth the trouble of getting dressed to the nines and garnering a reservation.
  • Shadows: This eccentrically named open-air restaurant serves the most delectable of lunch buffets this side of the Caribbean and presents its customers with a romantic mezzanine terrace as a backdrop.
  • Rodizio: This restaurant combines the terrace-style dining of the Shadows restaurant with the elegance of the reservation-only Sir Andrew. It also differentiates itself from all the other eateries by offering the unique taste of Brazilian rodizio-style meats and poultry. Whether you want to sample their salad bar starters or indulge yourself with their turkey breast main courses, this restaurant has it all.
  • Steak House: This restaurant's specialty should be pretty obvious. Don't let its generic name fool you, though; despite the lack of brand identity, the Riu Negril's Steak House is replete with grilled and barbecued delights such as shrimp skewer and beef tenderloin. Just like the Sir Andrew or Rodizio restaurant, it requires a dress code and a reservation.
  • Green Island: This well-ventilated, open-air diner usually serves dinner and breakfast buffets. For lovers of scrumptious Italian cuisine, there's also a pasta and pizza window open every dinner.
  • Luigi: This casual terrace eatery offers Italian pasta, pizza, salad, and dessert delights galore as well as Continental breakfast, late night to early morning snacks, and midday to late afternoon buffets.
  • Jerk Hut: This Jerk Chicken hut is certainly not the runt of the All Inclusive Riu Negril's restaurant pack, which is evidenced by its robust menu of jerk sausage, pork, and chicken. This beachside spot is open every afternoon for six days every week.
  • Bars: The Riu Negril All Inclusive Resort's assortment of bars is nothing short of spectacular. Guests have a choice of six bars to choose from, which includes the air-conditioned Pacha disco bar, the hard-to-miss Beach Bar, the swim-up Acuatico Bar, the theatrical Coliseum Bar, the pavilion-style Plaza Bar, and the lounge-situated Welcome Bar.
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