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All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay

Jamaica, Montego Bay
Riu Montego Bay
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Mahoe Bay
Montego Bay, Jamaica
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Hotel Overview
Upon entering the Riu Montego Bay's stained glass and marble lobby, the guests will certainly appreciate the almost dreamlike, Alice-in-Wonderland quality of its design; it's almost a cross between the flash of a casino and the bustling liveliness of an airport, almost. The All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay is a very busy hotel, and greatly managed, you'll be immediately catered to by bellhops and receptionists with utmost hospitality upon entry.

The daily hustle and bustle of the lobby of this All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay is prime evidence of its popularity among both the locals and the resort's international clientele; it's a place worth visiting and staying at, undoubtedly. As such, the Riu Montego Bay's guests should expect to see a lot of couches, chairs, and even a lobby shower area featuring well-maintained, bright-marble bathrooms. The All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay is all-in-all gorgeous inside and outside. The designers of the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort have made the aesthetic choice to contrast the in-room interior decoration's darker and more austere features against the decidedly lighter hues of the property's facade; i.e., it's the perfect yin-yang of light and darkness. This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay values its identity and uniqueness when it comes to presenting the very best that this slice of Caribbean paradise has to offer.

Everything that you usually expect out of a premium-grade resort—extremely attentive staff, amazing pools, well-manicured gardens, breathtaking beaches, and so on—the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort certainly delivers. This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay guarantees that from the moment its customers check in to the time they check out, they couldn't possibly ask for more; everything they're longing for in a resort is contained right in the Riu Montego Bay's premises. Truth be told, the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay could live off just fine without promotional items and advertising; mere word of mouth regarding its topnotch quality should be enough for it to sustain itself for years to come. For instance, feedback for the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort usually start along the lines of, "This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay is perfect in every way, shape, or form; my family thoroughly enjoyed the accommodating staff, the great variety of meals, and its many recreational options!"

The Riu Montego Bay prides itself as one of many all inclusive properties within the Montego Bay area. However, in order to stand out amidst its equally eager-to-please competitors, the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay maintains a high standard of hotel service and facilities. Ergo, patrons are typically treated by the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort with comprehensive perks and benefits like on-site restaurants, access to recreational activities involving a variety of land and water sports, virtually spotless pools, and a regularly maintained beach. The staff and crew of this All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay will do everything in their power to showcase world-class value and quality above all else
Hotel Rooms
Riu Montego Bay isn't just another beachfront hotel, the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay is a recently constructed, 700 room behemoth of a resort that's divided into six monstrous three-storey lilac buildings distributed across an extensive estate that's more reminiscent of a condo village than a hotel. Without a doubt, this All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay leaves quite an impression to all its guests from its interior design to its exterior facade. The first All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay building fronts the road, but its rooms are still facing the breathtaking Montego Bay panorama. Meanwhile, the second and third Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort buildings are midway in between both the ocean and the road, which allows guests two-minute instant access to the pool as well as a slightly longer five-minute access to the lobby and the in-property restaurants. The fifth and sixth buildings of this All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay front the ocean itself, so guests staying there can immediately access the beach at any time they wish.

Moreover, the Riu Montego Bay's multitude of rooms can be reached via partially open-air corridors that are kept mysteriously ethereal throughout the day by a light that shines from the doorways on either end. This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay has views and accessibility to spare, so regardless of which room you pick, you'll always end up with some sort of unique benefit or perk. At any rate, the room keys typically handed out in the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay feature a classic and familiar design that's large enough to not be lost easily yet portable enough to be kept in a relatively safe place, like a handbag or backpack. The key's simple, straightforward design allows immediate access to your designated Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort room without fear of getting locked out because of its unwieldiness. Indeed, the traditional, throwback nature of this All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay is part of the reason behind its timeless charm.

As for the rooms themselves, each and every one of the Riu Montego Bay's 700 guestrooms contains cable or satellite TV featuring the latest in Hollywood-style or international-flavor television with its hundreds of channels to choose from. In general, the typical All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay room offers one king-sized or two double beds, a hairdryer, air conditioning plus a supplementary ceiling fan, a fully stocked mini-bar, a clock radio, daily housekeeping, professional childcare support (requires a surcharge), an in-room safe, access via exterior corridors, balconies, and a telephone. The room amenities of the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort will not disappoint either.

When it comes to room options, the Riu Montego Bay delivers as well. The Standard Room option of the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay is composed of all the aforementioned amenities. In turn, the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort's Garden View option offers all of the above plus a well-manicured garden that leads directly to the nearby pools. As for this All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay's Ocean View option, you'll get all the basic standard room perks plus a breathtaking view of the Montego Bay that really immerses you in tropical bliss. Finally, the Riu Montego Bay's Ocean Front option offers everything mentioned thus far plus an ocean frontage exclusively provided by the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay's building five and building six. Feel free to unite and harmonize with nature by picking the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort's Ocean Front option.
This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay is the leader and trendsetter of the Jamaican hotel pack and isn't just a mere follower of the latest resort gimmicks. The Riu Montego Bay is the type of resort that exudes so much fun and excitement by itself that the staff could practically leave the guests to their own devices and they'd still find a way to amuse themselves. The All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay staff handles your recreational itinerary, so even though there's no real concierge, he's more than enough to ensure that you'll have a good, enjoyable time at this hotel. The Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort gives its patrons the necessary tools to have a safe and entertaining resort experience—a large pool, beautiful beachfront property, plenty of drinks and food, and nice rooms—so you'll never run out of things to do there.

The Riu Montego Bay is a place that needs to be experienced instead of just talked about in order to fully appreciate its quality, and this point rings the truest when it comes to the resort's entertainment program. For instance, even though the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay has the usual recreational trimmings like beach volleyball, the experience of actually playing the sport surely beats a casual mention of it in a promotional item any day. Witnessing the cheers and adulation of the audience while the players perform their hearts out at the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort's pristine beaches amidst the heat, the sticky sweat, and the sand is, clichés notwithstanding, worth at least a thousand words of praise.

With that said, the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay has one of the most comprehensive hotel entertainment packages available, which incidentally includes on-site aerobics, horseback riding on the rental ranch, the renowned and relaxing Renova spa, a gym full of modern exercise equipment (e.g., bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills), a golf course, a basketball court, a soccer field, and an honest-to-goodness disco. In addition, this All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay also has a wonderful inventory of water sports to choose from, and guests are free to take rides in non-motorized vehicles like windsurfing boards, Hobie sailboats, and kayaks with no extra charge on their part. Also, even though the Riu Montego Bay does stipulate that sailing or windsurfing lessons as well as scuba and snorkeling sessions require payment, they're well worth the extra bucks.

This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay offers more than just water sports (motorized and non-motorized), land sports, and other recreational packages; it also delivers contentment par excellence via the way it brings people closer together. The Riu Montego Bay values total customer satisfaction, so even seemingly trivial conveniences are considered in its recreational approach. For example, the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay's lounges are filled with bars, its lobbies contain conference rooms for executives and currency exchange for tourists from foreign lands, and every one of its floors have a doorman or doorwoman steadfastly stationed to their designated posts. Add to that the fact that the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort features free parking, a twenty-four-hour front desk, and an arcade room for teenagers to hang out in, and most anyone can easily see why this resort is considered a transcendent establishment that represents the very best in hotel service.
Fine dining at the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort is so fantastic that even if it only had that as a selling point, it would still be enough to draw in a multitude of tourists from different parts of the globe. This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay has menu selections and restaurant types that are as different and as varied as the nations of the world. Just take note that dinner reservations may require some advanced planning on your part so that your fine dining experience will not be compromised.

The Riu Montego Bay's massive diners—in particular, the Rose Hall restaurant—are sure to please guests with their many food options. It's a typical scene for a family or group to have heaping plates of first-class food when dining at the various on-site eateries of the resort, which just shows that the All Inclusive Riu Montego Bay knows a thing or two about buffet-style fine dining. At any rate, the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort features four fabulous restaurants to choose from: the Kalu Asian dinner restaurant; the Little Italy dinner restaurant; the Mahoe Bay breakfast and lunch buffet as well as steakhouse dinner restaurant; and the Rose Hall breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet restaurant.

This All Inclusive Hotel in Montego Bay requires guests to make dinner reservations at three of the four themed restaurants. Fortunately, the friendly and helpful attendants of these establishments will do everything they can to get you to a table of your choice; booking is streamlined enough to accommodate the majority of guests staying within the hotel. The Rose Hall's breakfast buffet starts your day right with its sheer tastiness and variety. With that said, if the Rose Hall is unavailable, then don't worry, because the breakfast dishes that the Mahoe Bay has is interchangeable with the Rose Hall's offerings. One nice feature that the Mahoe Bay three-meal-buffet eatery has is a smoothie bar that serves an assortment of fresh fruits that's custom-blended to the drink of your choice. Speaking of which, the Mahoe Bay at lunch offers everything from guacamole to Jamaican curry patties (they taste like empanadas), so eating there exclusively will never tire out your taste buds; its options are just that extensive!

Meanwhile, the Kalu diner is renowned for its fried rice dish that can rival those found in most upscale Asian restaurants; getting a reservation in that establishment is highly recommended. This is no ordinary Chinese, Japanese, or Thai restaurant; it's a fusion of the very best Asian cuisines ever created. As for the Little Italy restaurant, their contribution to the resort's fine dining experience beats the run-of-the-mill pizza or pasta dishes from typical American fast food joints; the menu of a fine dining restaurant is usually leagues away from the taste of lowly fast food fare.
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