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All Inclusive Riu Cancun

Mexico, Cancun
Riu Cancun All-Inclusive Resort
Riu Cancun Reception
Riu Cancun Habitacion Room
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Riu Cancun Piscina Bar Pool
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Riu Cancun Playa Beach
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Riu Cancun Activities
Riu Cancun Gim
Riu Cancun Spa Wellness
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Riu Cancun Sport Bar
Riu Cancun Bar
Riu Cancun Restaurant
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Blvd Kukulcan Km 8.5, Manzana 50, Lote 5
Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500
Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Hotel Overview
The Riu Cancun is without a doubt Mexico's foremost tropical holiday hotel, if not one of the world's finest Cancun-based resort areas altogether. Situated right at the Atlantic Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, the All Inclusive Riu Cancun has a pleasant and gentle climate with average temperatures ranging from eighty-one to ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit (or twenty-seven to ninety-five degrees Celsius). The Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel's healthy amounts of ever-constant, annual sunshine make it a resort that travelers from all walks of life will enjoy. If you want to get a better idea of what paradise is truly like, then give the Riu Cancun a visit; there's no possible way you'll ever regret it.

The Riu Cancun All Inclusive resort's convenient location at the center of the Cancun hotel zone offers visitors an unforgettable setting that really puts Mexican culture at the forefront. The quite accessible All Inclusive Riu Cancun resort is also twelve and a half miles away from the airport and six miles from Downtown Cancun. The Hotel Riu Cancun is near hotspots like the Convention Center and the majority of Cancun shopping malls. Ergo, the Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel's prime location will not disappoint people who have quite the active nightlife. Travelers who are looking for an awe-inspiring tropical environment as well as reassuring comfort and service need not look anywhere else than the Riu Cancun hotel.

Undoubtedly, the All Inclusive Riu Cancun's most famous attraction remains its unequaled beaches with sand that feels like pure silk on your feet. The Caribbean Sea's crystal-clear waters have also compelled the Mexican government to invest more on its nation's natural resources and tourist-attracting potential, so by the middle of the 1980s, the Cancun area became a top vacation spot in Mexico. The Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel lives up to this heritage by providing luxurious services that go hand-in-hand with the all-natural beauty of its world-class beaches.

The Riu Cancun is also in close proximity to some of the most astonishing and breathtaking landmarks around. Being in the hotel zone doesn't only afford the All Inclusive Riu Cancun's guests access to all sorts of flea markets, shops, restaurants, malls, and so on; they can also visit many other places of historical and archeological interest too. For example, the Yucatan Peninsula is filled with Mayan artifacts and ruins like the Tulum and Chichen Itza. The Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel upholds the good track record of the Riu chain when it comes to providing five-star excellence and the best setting possible for your family vacation or romantic getaway.
Hotel Rooms
The Riu Cancun All Inclusive resort's five hundred sixty-nine rooms leave little to be desired when it comes to complete facilities and room amenities. Every last detail and appliance is carefully attended to in accordance to its customers' undoubtedly high expectations. Most of the rooms in the Hotel Riu Cancun also feature spectacular views worthy of a postcard or scenic painting; their seascapes and backdrops need to be seen to be believed, truth be told.

The Riu Cancun also has three types of rooms to choose from. For a basic package, the hotel's all inclusive standard rooms have more than enough features and benefits to satisfy those who are seeking a peaceful, harmonious stay at a value-added price. The Hotel Riu Cancun's standard rooms feature all inclusive services such as one king sized or two double beds, a relaxing partial ocean view, liquor dispenser, mini-bar, vanity mirror, television, cable/satellite feed, telephone (requires an extra charge), sprinklers, smoke detectors, sitting area, shower, safety deposit box, in-room air conditioning, non-smoking rooms, ironing board, iron, handicapped facilities, hairdryer, extra beds (also needs an extra charge), a crib for your baby, ceiling fan, and various bathroom amenities.

As for the Hotel Riu Cancun's standard ocean view rooms, they feature all of the above benefits with a few extra perks and differences. For example, in order to get the best view of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the hotel's suite option features a full-access private balcony. What's more, you don't need to pay extra to use the phone because it's part of the package. You'll also get extras like a shower-and-tub combo and a voice mail service. In turn, the Riu Cancun's junior suite provides you with all the perks that standard rooms and standard ocean view rooms have plus a very spacious living space with chic yet modern furnishings.

The Hotel Riu Cancun brings resort luxury and distinctiveness to a whole new level by offering its guests perks like topnotch customer service, hospitable staff, assorted entertainment packages, first-class fine dining, and many other benefits. Excellence without compromise is what sets Riu Cancun apart from all other Cancun-based hotels and resorts. Although there are many hotels that enjoy the advantages of being within the Cancun hotel zone, only the All Inclusive Riu Cancun fully utilizes its prime location by immersing its customers into a cultural escapade.
The Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel's recreational sports and games are guaranteed to make your stay enjoyable regardless of how long it is. Every second, minute, and hour of your stay will be filled with all sorts of entertaining activities that truly maximizes your investment and vacation time. The Hotel Riu Cancun's ever-dependable team of entertainment experts and planners will help you choose which exciting activities to fill your schedule with. Feel free to take part in the Hotel Riu Cancun's daily itinerary of fun activities at either the pool or on the beach, which incidentally includes exclusive Aquaerobics sessions. If participating in water sports isn't your thing, then check out the Riu Cancun's tennis court or muscle-building fitness center.

If you prefer a more relaxing pursuit that doesn't involve any strenuous activity, then pamper yourself via the All Inclusive Riu Cancun's spa, Jacuzzi, and beauty salon facilities. By availing of these services, you'll soon find your stress and problems melt away as you achieve Zen-like bliss. Even those with an active nightlife can enjoy themselves at the Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel without necessarily leaving the resort grounds. These party-goers can relive the glory days of the seventies and enjoy a night of Latino-style dancing at the Riu Cancun's Pacha Disco. Few hotels can boast of having a disco nearby, much less a disco with the latest sound and light equipment.

Even your little ones can get a piece of the Hotel Riu Cancun's entertainment pie via the ever-popular Kid's Club. This Riu Cancun All Inclusive facility doesn't only provide secure and supervised environments to help take care of your children; it is also loaded with a variety of interesting and engaging activity rooms that suits all sorts of preferences and predilections. Speaking of babysitting, the Riu Cancun's babysitter service (that's also included in the all inclusive package) can take good care of your tots who are too young to be in the Kid's Club.

On the other hand, the All Inclusive Riu Cancun's theater is a great place for the whole family to enjoy an assortment of live performances. The Riu Cancun All Inclusive also includes wireless internet for those who want to check their email or surf the web. Because Riu Cancun has so many wonderful activities and services in line for you, disappointment is never an option.
The Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel is well aware of the importance of fine dining when it comes to providing a complete resort experience. Naturally, it's more than happy to oblige its customers and their discriminating tastes with a delectable selection of unique Riu Cancun specialties as well as the topnotch services of seven exclusive bars and restaurants. These establishments do the All Inclusive Riu Cancun proud because they offer only the very best local and foreign delights, specialties and flavors.

All the four restaurants and three bars within the Hotel Riu Cancun's vicinity employ a strict dress code that stipulates visitors to wear only proper attire before they can enter. Here are the Riu Cancun's top eating and drinking establishments:
  • Corazone: Among the four All Inclusive Riu Cancun restaurants, this is the best place to visit if you want to have a scrumptious and dreamy a la carte Brazilian dinner. The cultural richness of their extensive menu has made many a Riu Cancun All Inclusive guest to list this as their favorite restaurant.
  • Don Juan: Just like the legendary Don Juan, this Hotel Riu Cancun restaurant shows discerning taste when it comes to variety and diversity. If you want to tickle your tongue with the different flavors of the world, then this Hotel Riu Cancun exclusive restaurant is the place to be.
  • Kawachi: Japanese food very rarely disappoints, and the All Inclusive Riu Cancun's Kawachi restaurant is among the finest in Cancun, if not the world. In fact, it's so good that you'll need a reservation first before getting in. For a restaurant that's just right beside the Hotel Riu Cancun, a reservation requirement really demonstrates its popularity.•    La Mision: It is La Mision's mission to offer the All Inclusive Riu Cancun's guests with the very best buffets that the Caribbean has to offer. No matter how discriminating their tongues are, they'll all certainly enjoy this Riu Cancun All Inclusive restaurant's Mediterranean cuisine and juicy steaks.
  • El Faro Bar: Drinking is best experienced while relaxing beside the turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea or the crystal-clear waters of the Riu Cancun's pool. Regardless of your preference, the El Faro Bar delivers the best liquor in town. Its prime location and wonderful variety of alcoholic drinks make it a must-visit establishment. It's one of the first bars you'll spot on the All Inclusive Riu Cancun's property as well.
  • Salon Bar: The claim to fame of Hotel Riu Cancun's Salon Bar roots more on its entertainment value than its location. Take pleasure in having a few stiff breezes while watching the myriad of shows performed by the Riu Cancun All Inclusive resort's creative staff every night.
  • La Punta: The Riu Cancun's La Punta is the place to be when it comes to relaxing background music, a wide range of drinks and cocktails, and a distinctly wonderful ambiance without any extra gimmicks. This All Inclusive Riu Cancun bar is simply the best place to be when looking for a quiet evening of socializing, small talk, and a few drinks.
The Riu Cancun All Inclusive hotel's three bars and four restaurants are evenly distributed throughout the Caribbean compound, which assures guests that the accessibility of the resort's fine dining establishments is never a problem. Whether you prefer cocktail bars, swim-up bars, buffet restaurants, a la carte restaurants, Japanese sushi, Brazilian dinners, and so forth, the Hotel Riu Cancun will never disappoint. The many satisfied Riu Cancun guests all agree that on the fine dining front, the All Inclusive Riu Cancun is nigh-unbeatable. Excellence does not begin to describe what the Hotel Riu Cancun brings to the table, so to speak.
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