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All Inclusive Riu Bachata

Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata
Riu Bachata All-Inclusive Resort
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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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Hotel Overview
The Riu Bachata is comprised of two other side-by-side hotels aside from the All Inclusive Riu Bachata (that is, the Riu Merengue and Riu Mambo) and shares about one and a half miles or eight hundred kilometers of pristine, powdery beach. The Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata itself is linked to the other resorts via paved walkway, and all three have pastel-colored, village-like facades. Vacationers to the Dominican Republic are free to enjoy the Riu Bachata's myriad of activities, entertainment packages, and facilities to their heart's content.

The All Inclusive Riu Bachata has a comprehensive selection of restaurants that include a theme-dinner buffet, an activities schedule, an open-air theater for all sorts of amusing nightly entertainment, and a RiuLand-brand children's club for the sake of your young ones. The Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata also prides itself in having restaurants where guests can eat the required three meals a day (plus snacks in between) with the best fine dining experience and ambiance possible. They could even eat dinner at other hotels within this premium-grade Dominican Republic hotel chain as well.

The Riu Bachata also has amenity highlights like its twin, two-hundred-foot adult swimming pools, an on-site children's pool, a swim-up bar, a shallow area with underwater tile lounges, and a jetted section for one of the pools. Even better, the All Inclusive Riu Bachata truly caters to the guests' poolside needs with its thatched-roof sunshades and padded lounge chairs that flank the twin pools.

Additionally, the Maimon Bay Beach is also near the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata, so of course the resort provides boogie boards, windsurfers, pedal boats, sailboats, snorkeling gear, and kayaks via its fully equipped water-sports center. This Dominican Republic resort also hosts two gazebos that can be used for special beach weddings if you so desire. Adjacent to the hotel's lobby is a classic brick-and-mortar casino where you can gamble to your heart's content.

Moreover, the All Inclusive Riu Bachata's pools are among the biggest and most sophisticated within the compound. Also, the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata has all sorts of wonderful perks like a huge plaza-like, as well as exclusive ice machines you can't find anywhere else in that particular Dominican Republic beachfront.

This piece of Dominican Republic paradise is renowned for its heavy deposits of amber (a semiprecious stone); it's because of this that the area where the Riu Bachata and its sibling hotels lie is also called the Amber Coast. Therefore, just 6.25 miles east from the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata lies the Amber Museum, which is a fantastic place to shop for beautiful, shining, honey-like jewelry made of amber.

The All-Inclusive Riu Bachata's bulk of gratuities, activities, andamenities are all part of its all inclusive package. There will be noextra charges or expenses for the entertainment and accommodationservices featured in the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in PuertoPlata (unless otherwise indicated).
Hotel Rooms
This Dominican Republic resort provides over 610 junior suites and guestrooms in fifteen two- and three-story pastel buildings that all feature an old-fashioned, mansion-like feel to them. By stepping into the Riu Bachata's compound, you'll feel like you've stepped into another world and another time. Also, the All Inclusive Riu Bachata's ground-floor terraces and balconies feature spectacular views of Dominican Republic heaven; it's so breathtaking and awe-inspiring that you'll have to see it for yourself to understand its true beauty.

The Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata is filled with amenities worthy of its rating. The Riu Bachata's granite bathroom, tiled floors, and mahogany furniture provide your accommodations with a rustic atmosphere that harmonizes with the tropical ambiance of this prime beachfront location within the Dominican Republic. The rooms even include wood-paddle ceiling fans that help the All Inclusive Riu Bachata's accommodations radiate an earthier, welcoming feeling to its customers.

In line with the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata's commitment in satisfying the whiles of its guests, it has the following fundamental amenities: Two double beds or one king-sized bed (even though you need to order the king-sized one); compact refrigerators with water, beer, soft drinks, and drink mixers; complimentary in-room safes that will help keep your valuables protected; ice buckets for the exclusive Riu Bachata ice machines; liquor dispensers with a choice of All Inclusive Riu Bachata drinks like brandy, gin, vodka, and rum; and premium European and U.S. channels acquired via satellite or cable to keep you entertained in between your recreational activities schedule.

This Dominican Republic hotel isn't lacking when it comes to all inclusive atmosphere that give your Riu Bachata experience an extra feeling of zestfulness. The staff and crew of the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata love to take care of its guests. In addition to the amenities already mentioned, the All Inclusive Riu Bachata includes air conditioning, climate control depending on the outside weather, blackout drapes or curtains depending on the room you've gotten, a hairdryer, daily housekeeping, wakeup calls, complimentary toiletries, a shower and tub combination, cribs, extra rollaway beds for large families, smoking rooms for smokers, an ironing board plus an iron, a clock radio, and child care (an in-room service that requires a surcharge).
The Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata—like many of its fellow resorts residing in one Dominican Republic hotel chain—has a truly impressive entertainment itinerary that's both immersive and relaxing depending on which game or activity you choose to engage in. The Riu Bachata's assorted recreational program will nearly always leave you clamoring for more, whichever your predilection and whatever your whims. The good news is that most of the All Inclusive Riu Bachata's attractions described below are included in the all inclusive package unless otherwise indicated.

The Riu Bachata resort is just beside Maimon Bay, which is the water-sports-filled beach found in front of the Riu Merengue part of the hotel chain. The bay is one of the more populated entertainment spots of the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata. Everyone wants to have a taste of the Riu Bachata's so-called water sport central, because one of the main reasons why people spend their vacation in beachfront resorts is to try out activities like boogie boarding, windsurfing, pedal boating, Hobie Cat sail boating, snorkeling, and kayaking.

The Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata will mas the following water sports(additional costs required): snorkeling and scuba diving training, scuba diving lessons and certification classes, windsurfing lessons, sailing lessons, banana-boating, and jet skiing.

The All Inclusive Riu Bachata resort also serves as a safe haven for sporty or athletic types, particularly those who want to keep their bodies in good physical shape. The owners of the All Inclusive Riu Bachata know that just because you want to relax on your vacation, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can neglect your healthiness. That's why the Riu Bachata features recreational activities such as pulse-pounding parasailing sessions, a fishing pond to calm your frayed nerves with, a horse riding and rental stable for equine lovers, a basketball or volleyball court for some competitive or casual games, and an aerobics class at the nearby fitness center. The Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata (and its sibling resorts) has it all for you. Let it be known that the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata revels in being an all inclusive resort; visitors will never become bored during their stay here because it provides too many entertainment options for them to while their time with.

If neither water nor land sports are to your liking, then you should feel free to check out the El Millón casino that caters to all sorts of gambling aficionados. The casino includes slot machines and table cables at the All Inclusive Riu Bachata resort.
Fine dining at the Riu Bachata All Inclusive Hotel in Puerto Plata isn't merely the icing in a delicious "Dominican Republic beach vacation" cake; it's also a gift that gives on giving, because once you have a taste of the fine delicacies found in the Riu Bachata, you'll become more intrigued by the different food flavorings the world has to offer.

Once you've left the hotel, you'll soon realize that if you hadn't stayed at the Riu Bachata and sampled their assortment of first-class cuisines, you would have had a narrow range of tastes, never realizing the joy of eating some of the best food money (or at least your all inclusive ticket) can buy. Luckily, the All Inclusive Riu Bachata is here to help you with that very dilemma. The hotel features the following great restaurants and bars:
  • Bahía de Maimon: When it comes to on-the-spot cooking, this is the Riu Bachata's foremost restaurant. The theme dinners that are served two times every week are unquestionably delicious, but the Bahia de Maimon's main claim to fame comes in the form of its buffet selection for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every visit to this restaurant is a new experience to look forward to.
  • Maracuya Snack Bar: This large, open-air establishment is the place to go to if you have a yearning for some Continental breakfast and light snacks all afternoon; it's open from late in the morning to late in the evening. It's not just there to tide you over until the next meal; it's also a great place to hang out in before you move on to the next entertainment activity.
  • Maracuya Italian Restaurant: From beef filet with mushroom to cream of potato-tomato, the menu of the Maracuya Italian Restaurant is a gastronomical promise that always delivers. This other half of the Maracuya establishment transforms itself into a high-class and fancy a la carte dinner restaurant every night. Naturally, it requires a dress code (no wet clothes or t-shirts) and reservations for good measure.
  • Maracuya Steakhouse: The other half of the Maracuya establishment becomes a steakhouse every night as well. If you'd rather have scrumptious main courses like grilled ribs, steak, and so on instead of an Italian menu, this is the place to be. Again, the same dress code and reservation stipulation in the Italian restaurant side of the eatery is applied to the steakhouse side as well.
  • Macumba: This is another open-air diner, but this time it's available at the Riu Merengue hotel nearby. It serves snacks from evening to after midnight, so this is certainly the place to be for nocturnal people to get their midnight snacks from
  • Caramba: This open-air lounge and bar is open from early evening to late at night, so this is another good place to hang out in for people who have an active nightlife.
  • Bikini: This plaza-like bar is open from the middle of the morning to late at night and it provides a nice cocktail of hard drinks you're sure to enjoy.
  • Los Lirios: This is the aforementioned swim-up bar near the pools; it's open from early morning to early evening, and the majority of the resort's younger, party-going guests typically hang out here.
  • Pacha: This air-conditioned disco dance floor situated between the Riu Merengue and the Riu Mambo hotels is a nice place to visit, even though it's outside the Riu Bachata's premises. It's open from late morning to past midnight the next day, and it has an age requirement of eighteen before you can enter. It's also closed every Monday.
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