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Dominican Republic , Santo Domingo
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Santo Domingo Overview
Thanks to its rocky waterfront, there are only a few bathing beaches nearby the All Inclusive Santo Domingo. With that said, the La Caleta at least offers scuba divers a myriad of options when it comes to exploring the deep blue sea. There are small islands off La Caleta's coast as well as coral reef, plus the waters of the beach are less rough compared to other areas, so safety is assured. On that note, if you really want traditional bathing beach conveniences like sunbathing or frolicking in the sand, the nearby Boca Chica is your best bet.
Many of the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo All Inclusive Vacation Packages are based around the nearest bathing beaches in Santo Domingo. Boca Chica, in turn, offers vacationers the privilege of enjoying its warm azure waters and white sand. Small huts made of dried palm trees are available on site for extra shade. It's a particularly popular beach destination for sunbathers as well. Your All Inclusive Vacations Santo Domingo in Boca Chica will naturally feature all sorts of parlor games and water sports like kayaking and banana boating to boot.


As expected of the All Inclusive Santo Domingo, it offers the finest cuisine that money can buy in just one place. Whether you want to enjoy the international tastes of old favorites or indulge in the best that local Dominican Republic dishes can provide, your Santo Domingo All Inclusive Vacation Packages will surely deliver. The Best All Inclusive Resorts in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (or the finest hotels within the city limits) should be nearby places like the Restaurant Vesuvio Pizzeria, which erupts in a cascade of Italian delights both pizza-based and otherwise. It even offers fresh seafood and can accommodate over 50 tables' worth of guests.

Your All Inclusive Vacations Santo Domingo would not be complete without a visit to Toscana, which presents a robust menu of fish and seafood specials as well as topnotch Italian cuisine. As for the Restaurante Conuco, it provides Caribbean delights and local dishes that are sure to make your mouth water and your stomach rumble in anticipation. The Restaurante Scherezade is no slouch either with its Mediterranean menu that's filled with entrees such as Madagascar shrimp and grilled lobster.

Recreational Activities

You'll never run out of fun activities at the All Inclusive Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic capital's historic, UNESCO-recognized structures still pleases tourists the world over. Among them is the Alcazar de Colon, which charms vacationers with its Colonial-Era artifacts and artwork. There's also the Catedral de Santa Maria la Menor, which is the New World's first Catholic Cathedral. Other places that are worth visiting include the Museo del Hombre Dominicano, which preserves the heritage of native tribes (chief among them Taino Indians) who lived in the Dominican Republic long before Columbus set foot on its shores.

Make sure that the Santo Domingo All Inclusive Vacation Packages you avail of includes a visit to the National Botanical Garden, which offers 300 types of orchids, a popular Japanese-style garden, and the most graceful palms you'll ever lay your eyes on. The Colonial Zone, meanwhile, is perfect for history buffs who want to enjoy touring landmarks and old-style homes. As for shoppers, their All Inclusive Vacations Santo Domingo wouldn't be satisfactory without going to Santo Domingo's Plaza Central first, which combines local arts and crafts venues with modern fashion stores and every convenience you'd expect out of a modern, state-of-the-art mall.

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