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Puerto Vallarta Overview
The All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican balneario (Latin American seaside resort) city located on the Bahia de Banderas of the Pacific Ocean. As such, deciding what are the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is too tough to call because the entire city is composed mostly of resorts. That's not a particularly worrisome "problem" though, because this only means that vacationers have more Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Vacation Packages to choose from that will best suit their particular tastes. 

As Jalisco's sixth-largest city, Puerto Vallarta ensures the most exciting All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Vallarta because of how much it has progressed as a metropolitan tourist destination throughout the years. In short, the All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta is everything an avid vacationer is looking for in a balneario city because it offers the most beautiful beaches, the tastiest and classiest of restaurants, the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and the most varied recreational activities possible. 


Your typical Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Vacation Packages will probably take note that beaches are a primary "commodity" when it comes to All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Vallarta because as a balneario city, it comes with the territory. You are also assured of world-class beaches and the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at that because of the stiff competition between resorts. There are so many resorts competing with each other at the same time that it's only natural for All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta to have a higher standard than usual when it comes to quality.

With that said, here are the globally praised beaches to watch out for while you're picking out the best All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Vallarta package for you: There's North Bay, which can be accessed by car or bus; Destiladeras, which is a busy beach that's long, wide, and full of beachside restaurants; El Anclote, which is a beach that's family-friendly and perfectly safe for children; Sayulita, which boasts of having an exclusive Women's Only Surfing School that's well-known in the surfing world; South Bay, which can only be reached by sea save for a few roads; and so forth.


All the Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Vacation Packages that are worth their salt will naturally include the best of the best restaurants found in the All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta. For example, there's the Ocean Grill Vallarta, which can make you say "Wow!" in amazement because of its unique dining experience and its fan-favorite menus for seafood, Mexican, grill, and barbecue cuisine. The Teatro Limon is another delightful Puerto Vallarta eatery that offers a sublime smorgasbord of delicious dishes in the form of steakhouse, seafood, fusion, and international cuisine.

There's also Casa Cupula's Taste Restaurant that offers South American, Mexican, Asian, and American cuisine. It has such a varied menu that it might as well serve up "international" cuisine. However, it instead concentrates on making sure that its selection of entrees isn't just a mixed bag but instead showcases the best of the best dishes of a given country. Your All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Vallarta wouldn't be complete without visiting the La Pena Analuza, which offers a truly gastronomical experience thanks to its exclusively Spanish cuisines.

Recreational Activities

Expect the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to also have the most comprehensive Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Vacation Packages available, which then naturally entails offering a wide variety of topnotch recreational activities. While staying at Puerto Vallarta, you have the option to go snorkeling, deep sea sport fishing, diving, catamaran sailing, boat sailing, swimming with the dolphins, horseback riding, getting ATV tours on mountain trails, having an expedition to the Sierra Madre, and so forth. 

You can have fun in Puerto Vallarta over and under water as well as on land. Few words can express the excitement of riding on horseback, driving an ATV through jungle terrain, or swimming with one of the most intelligent mammals in the world next to humans. Snorkeling and scuba diving are particularly fun because they give you an opportunity to enter a whole new world just short of traveling through space. Seeing the creatures of the deep can instill the same sense of childlike wonder and discovery as meeting with an extraterrestrial life form would.
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