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Puerto Plata Overview
The All Inclusive Puerto Plata is located at the Dominican Republic's northern coast. It continues the country's proud tradition of tourism excellence by offering vacationers a wide variety of travel and vacation experiences through its Puerto Plata All Inclusive Vacation Packages. Regardless of which of the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic you pick, you'll soon see that the people of Puerto Plata really know how to have fun.

To be more specific, the All Inclusive Puerto Plata provides Eden-like beaches, an enviable warm climate, a relaxing atmosphere, and the chance to learn the merengue while dancing to local music. Being at Puerto Plata is like having a never-ending party; feel free to immerse yourself in their unique national culture. What's more, the All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Plata packages available offer some of the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic that money can buy.


The beaches offered by the Puerto Plata All Inclusive Vacation Packages need to be experienced for yourself in order to be truly appreciated. More to the point, your All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Plata package will most likely take you to the loveliest Puerto Plata beaches available, which should include the softest golden sands, the mildest climate, waters full of life and biodiversity, and nearby mountains (which opens up further possibilities for exploration and tours).

For a place that's more renowned for its mountains and its shopping, your typical All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Plata can still satisfy even the most ardent beachgoer. Without a doubt, there are few beaches quite like those found in the All Inclusive Puerto Plata. Then again, many beaches within the Dominican Republic appear like a slice of heaven, so it's not unprecedented. The Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic should also have among the warmest and most courteous locals around. 


No Puerto Plata All Inclusive Vacation Packages can be considered complete without a decent fine dining lineup. Luckily, the All Inclusive Puerto Plata has a veritable cornucopia of delights waiting for even experienced travelers with the most discerning of tastes. For example, Puerto Plata is home to the La Parillada Steak House, which features local cuisine of the grilled and barbecued variety. There's also the Hispaniola Restaurant that offers Caribbean dishes and the treasures of the deep blue sea for your consumption.

If you're in the mood for Mexican cuisine instead, the Los Charros y Los Pinches Chaparros will provide menus for that sort of spicy food plus the option to eat steakhouse-style or seafood-style cuisine at your behest. Your All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Plata package should also include reservations at the Le Papillon, because it's ranked second out of 42 Puerto Plata restaurants and offers everything from meat to fish dishes.

Recreational Activities

Besides lying around on the beach all day, your Puerto Plata All Inclusive Vacation Packages will also provide you the opportunity to experience an action-packed vacation like no other. You have a wide range of aquatic adventure sports to choose from after picking the cream of the crop of the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. You can even set your own pace with any of these recreational activities. The important thing here is to maximize your fun as much as possible.

Do you want to see shallow water reef systems, ancient shipwrecks of Spanish galleons, and a whole new world of marine life? Then snorkeling and scuba diving are the adventure sports for you! If you instead want to try your hand at a sport that really gets your heart racing, then how about windsurfing? The feel of having the salty sea spray on your face as you rock your legs back and forth the rolling waves is nothing short of ecstasy. Kiteboarding is another one-of-a-kind sport that's known as the area's specialty, because world-class kiteboarders hold the World Kiteboarding Championships every year at Cabarete, Puerto Plata.
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