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Ocho Rios Overview
The All Inclusive Ocho Rios is an enchanting Jamaican town that's considered the world over as one of the country's premiere tourist spots. It is home to breathtaking landscapes, natural beauty, jaw-dropping beaches, and the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Although its name (Spanish for "Eight Rivers") is a misnomer because there are no eight rivers in the area and the moniker is most likely a British corruption of the original Spanish name of Las Chorreras ("The Waterfalls"), the fact remains that it's an outstanding tourist attraction flocked by vacationers the world over.

The Dunn's River Falls is a particular highlight of most Ocho Rios All Inclusive Vacation Packages presently available because it's the falls that the "Las Chorreras" was truly known for during Jamaica's time as a Spanish colony. Another popular destination for your All Inclusive Vacations Ocho Rios is the Columbus Park, which was where Christopher Columbus supposedly first stepped foot on the land. There are also several Spanish colonial buildings and maritime artifacts found within the All Inclusive Ocho Rios territory. To be sure, Ocho Rios is a piece of Jamaican history as well as a natural wonder in and of itself.


There's a magic in Jamaican beaches that's as innocent as a child's smile and as soul-stirring as a beautiful sunset. This enchanted paradise's tropical offerings will leave you spellbound and mesmerized, for they're not only topnotch, they're also unique, majestic, and truly Jamaican. At any rate, the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Ocho Rios, Jamaica can be found in All Inclusive Vacations Ocho Rios beaches such as Mallards Beach, Mahogany Beach, James Bond Beach, and Reggae Beach. Any Ocho Rios All Inclusive Vacation Packages that are worth their salt will prominently feature the aforementioned beaches in their possible Ocho Rios destinations. 

On that note, Mallards Beach is the beach to go to if you're in the mood for downtown exploration and easy-to-access services. As for Mahogany Beach, it's a touristy beach that offers local music, motorized water sports, snorkeling trips, and so forth. James Bond Beach is also quite relaxing because it's less chaotic and calmer than the other beaches, which is just like the personality of the fictional spy it's named after. Finally, Reggae Beach's main claim to fame that makes your All Inclusive Vacations Ocho Rios worthwhile is the fact that it's a beach that's nestled in a lush tropical jungle full of wildlife.


The Best All Inclusive Resorts in Ocho Rios, Jamaica will naturally feature the finest All Inclusive Ocho Rios restaurants around. The first restaurant in our list of popular Ocho Rios fine dining establishments is the Toscanini Restaurant, which is a family restaurant that offers a simply memorable Italian menu that's not only internationally acclaimed, but arguably one of the best cuisine in the world. The Le Papillon Restaurant, on the other hand, is an establishment with rich taste, good food, and prompt services that will make you feel like royalty.

There's also Scotchie's, which is a restaurant that offers both a relaxing ambiance (in the form of nice music) and excellent food (in the form of its world-renowned and delectable jerk chicken, pork, and sausage dishes). Moreover, your Ocho Rios All Inclusive Vacation Packages isn't worth much if it doesn't have Evita's Italian Restaurant as part of its fine dining offerings. More to the point, Evita's is able to compete with Toscanini in terms of premium-grade Italian delicacies by also offering additional menus like Jamaican, Pasta, and Fusion.

Recreational Activities

As already mentioned, your All Inclusive Vacations Ocho Rios wouldn't be complete without visiting Dunn's River Falls and Columbus Park first, because these are historical landmarks that will take you back in time as soon as you take a gander at them and their preserved wonders. Of course, water sports such as snorkeling and windsurfing plus land-based activities such as tennis and beach volleyball are readily available at the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Wherever you go in the All Inclusive Ocho Rios, you will be stunned by its beauty and splendor. 

The rolling mountains, the cascading waterfalls, and the lush foliage of Ocho Rios are perfect for eco-adventures and nature treks, while the preserved history of Spanish Colonial Jamaica are easily accessible through guided tours as well. With that said, another viable place to visit that combines Jamaica's history with its natural wonders is the Coyaba River Garden and Museum. A trip to Coyaba will make your availed Ocho Rios All Inclusive Vacation Packages worthwhile because it offers botanical gardens, the world-famous Mahoe Falls, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be married there through its wedding service.

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